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Sharing scientific evidence-based holistic research and practice on cancer prevention, treatment, management and support, and providing knowledge that encompasses treating the whole person.

International Holistic Cancer Symposium in New Zealand

March 24th & 25th 2018, in Auckland, New Zealand

The International Holistic Cancer Symposium (IHCS) is a regular conference organized by health professionals, the purpose being to share scientific evidence-based research on cancer prevention, treatment, management and support, and providing knowledge that encompasses treating the whole person, not just cancer tumours. It is a resource for all those who are interested in an evidence-based holistic approach to cancer.

The IHCS is for Governmental Agencies, Medical, Allied and CAM health practitioners, Cancer Support Organisations and Cancer NGO’s and Cancer patient lobby groups.

Speakers include leaders in their fields, from the United States, Australia and New Zealand: Bruce Lipton PhD, Jack Tips ND PhD, Dr Allan Frankel MD, Ty Bollinger, Glen Gillard ND, Greg Fredericks NMD, Dr Robin Kelly MD, Prof Bill Watson, Katherine Smith, Jon Eisen and Kim Knight.

If you need to know the very latest in the biology of cancer, and combined approaches to its treatment and prevention, you must attend this Symposium!

Watch the Videos of the Event!

Speaker Videos, Bonus Health Videos, ands Lots of Info to Find Out About Holistic Approaches to Cancer


Just a thank you for organising this weekend. I know how much time and effort goes into organising something like this. Great speakers and exhibitors.
Thanks for your contribution of making this world a healthier place.


Thanks for the insight and years of research to open this field for those who have ears to hear and eyes illuminated light to be seen.
Heart open now want to share and mind explore further.

Pauline J.Delegate

I am a student doing a degree in Naturopathy and herbal medicine. I’ve learned a lot, enjoyed every presentation, met inspiring people. Great event for people who are like myself following holistic philosophy.

Elena T.Naturopathic Student

Thank you to everyone who created, organised & then re-organised as last minute changes of Venue presented a challenge that evolved into an amazing opportunity O(a)pport(al of)Unity. Presenters, Participants, and all others who made this weekend an exceptional hub of expanded awareness & knowledge which breaks down the limited (controlled) focus of old ‘Victim’ thinking and ‘empowers’ all in taking ownership of their innate ‘Creator’ and co-creative divine abilities once again.

Gill G.Delegate

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