David Holden – Founder of the International Holistic Cancer Symposium

david-holdenDavid Holden started his career with the Ministry of Health as a Science Technician working for the NHI (National Health Institute) in Wellington and did 5 years of medical sciences for his first science degree, double majoring in Microbiology & Biochemistry in the early and mid 1980’s from Victoria University and the CIT in Wellington.

He then moved to Auckland in 1985 and changed occupations working for Vita Health Foods and then MegaVitamin Laboratories helping design and sell complex dietary supplement formulas for Dr Warren Stewart, PhD, (dissertation in Orthomolecular Nutrition) one of his early science & business mentors. Dr Stewart has gone on to found Morlife PTY Ltd on the Gold Coast Australia, and is one of the truly successful Health & Wellness Companies in innovative nutrition in Australia.

David graduated from the QINS (Queensland Institute of Natural Science) in Mapleton, Queensland, Australia in 1986 doing post graduate Diplomas in Iridology and Nutritional Biochemistry. He then started a multi-disciplinary clinic in Mt Eden, immediately after. He then did further studies and graduated from SPCNT (South Pacific College of Natural Therapies) in Ellerslie, Auckland, in December 1988 and started practising as a Naturopath, Iridologist & Nutritional Biochemist full time immediately after running 4 clinics in different corners of Auckland.

He completed multiple trips to California over a number of years, 1987-1999 studying with Dr Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, PhD, one of the top Nutrition & Iris diagnostics mentors of the day, winning a scholarship to do advanced training with Bernard in early and mid 1990’s.

When he was living & studying in the US he also completed courses with Dr Samuel West, ND, Dr Gary Gordon, MD (the inventor of chelation) and Dr Christopher Hills. MS, PhD (discoverer of Spirulina and a master of Yoga & Metaphysics) and his over a number of years  in Boulder Creek, California graduating with post graduate Diplomas in Iridology, Herbology & Lymphology, Metaphysics, Super Nutrition, Meditation and Yoga Therapies and a Masters (assessed) in Natural Medicine Sciences majoring in Naturopathic Oncology in 1994-6.

When he returned to NZ in the mid & late 1990’s David set up and ran his own Iridology & Natural Therapies school The Institute for Iridology & Sclerology for 14 years, inspired by Bernard Jensen, from 1989-2003 with another one of his mentors, Dr Brian Murray, ND, DO, DPS, PhD (the inventor of Homeobotanicals) and his wife Amy Murray, ND, DO who was the schools administrator for many years. He continued teaching advanced Iridology all over Australia and NZ with his then wife Anna before they had their only child Jason who is now in his teens.

David was also one of the original 12 task force members that formed the NZCHP (NZ Charter of Health Practitioners) in 1993 which at its peak was the largest association of Natural Therapists in the Southern Hemisphere at the time. In 1994 he also co-formed the NZNMA (NZ Natural Medicine Association) with Patrick Fahy, the then CEO of the NZCHP. Both organisations survive today.

David was also handpicked to serve on MACCAH (Ministerial Advisory Committee on Complementary & Alternative Health) for the NZ MoH (Ministry of Health) by the then Minister of Health, Rt Hon Annette King from 2001-2004. Here he learnt firsthand about the dysfunction in our health system with its focus on disease not health and advised the MoH on areas they could improve the health system with stonger integration of evidence based Natural Medicines & Therapies but the MACCAH report recommendations were ignored by the out going Helen Clark Labour government and never taken up by the incoming 3 term National led Government. David has been lobbying for implementation of MACCAH’s report ever since: https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/complementary-and-alternative-health-care-new-zealand-0

David also formed and MC’ed 3 international conferences all in Auckland, The International Iridology & Sclerology Conference in 2000. Holistic Cancer Congress in 2012 & 2013 and his latest version, International Holistic Cancer Symposium, in March 2018.

David has based his clinical practice in Auckland, out of choice for the lifestyle this beautiful city offers.

David has jumped the fence from Scientist to Healer, helping blend Science and Healing with Spirituality, bringing a wealth & depth of knowledge to his clinical practise with wisdom gained from studying with some of the top practitioners & teachers in his chosen fields of Natural medicine from around the globe.

An eternal student he continues his studies into Metaphysics, the New Biology and has a keen interest in Astro and Metaphysics and researches these subjects regularly to keep up to date with the latest advances from all over the world.

He is committed to helping change the NZ Health System to bring it up to date and in line with the latest science & technology offered from all around the globe, especially new developments in diagnostic & analytical equipment and treatments that are both non-invasive and are scientifically evidence based and proven to work for hard to treat conditions.

He is also spending more time recently researching developments in Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology, Cosmology, Yoga, Meditation, Consciousness & Spirituality.

He can be contacted via either of his websites: www.HoldenHealthCare.com and www.DavidHolden.co.nz

He is available for speaking engagements in Auckland.