Please note: Times are subject to change

Saturday 24th March


9.05am MC David Holden’s opening address
9.15am  Kim Knight “The Emotional Intelligence in Breast Cancer” 1 hour talk with 15 mins Q&A with the audience.
10.30am Morning Tea break – visit trade stands and mingle
11.00am  Dr.Bruce Lipton Decriminalizing The Virus: The Story of Exosomes and Cancer” – 90 mins with Q & A afterwards as Bruce won’t be at the Speakers Panel at the end of the day
12.30pm Bruce Lipton book, CD & DVD signing on the main stage in the Trade Stands Hall A
1.00pm Lunch break 1 hour – visit trade stands and mingle – 2 course gourmet lunch served in main entrance foyer
2.00pm  Glen Gillard “Getting The Best Out Of The Ever So Powerful Oxygen and Hydrogen Therapies” – 45 min talk and interactive demonstration of new innovative technology for help with cancer support & management & 15 min Q & A with the audience.
3.00pm  Dr.Allan Frankel Medicinal Cannabis & Cancer”  – LIVE on the BIG screen beamed in direct from the USA with LIVE Q & A
4.00pm Afternoon Tea break – visit trade stands and mingle
4.30pm  Katherine Smith “Selling out our health for convenience.  What you need to know about the new wireless technologies and how to protect yourself”
5.00pm  Jonathan Eisen Mind Numbing 101: Why Modern Medicine is Our Second Leading Cause of Death, Why People Still Believe in It, and What We Can Do to Change the Paradigm
5.30pm First day Speakers Panel (Bruce Lipton not available) Present Kim Knight / Glen Gillard / Bill Watson mediated by MC David Holden – 30 mins
6.00pm Closing announcements by MC – first day ends


Sunday 25th March

8.45am Announcements by MC David Holden
9.00am Prof.Bill Watson “At the Core of our Pain” 1 hour plus 15 min Q & A.
10.15am  Jude Collings Cancer Patients Story with invasive bowel cancer – 30
10.30am Morning Tea break – visit trade stands and mingle
11.00am Greg Frederiks Paradigms of Cancer” – a scientific look at cancer treatments and their effectiveness
12.00pm Ty Bollinger Live on the BIG screen direct from the USA “The Truth About Cancer”  – 45 min talk with LIVE Q & A straight afterwards
1.00pm Lunch break 1 hour – visit trade stands and mingle
2.00pm Prize Draw and Laurie Arrow Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients Story – 10 minutes
2.10pm Jack Tips “Cancer: Failsafe Survival – The Prime Directive of All Life & Immortality’’ . 80 min talk with 10 min Q & A afterwards
3.30pm Afternoon Tea Break – visit trade stands and mingle
4.00pm Dr.Robin Kelly 1 hour – Interactive Session
5.00pm Second Day Speakers Panel – Katherine Smith / Jon Eisen / Greg Fredericks / Jack Tips / Robin Kelly mediated by MC – 30 mins
5.30pm Last Prize Draw and Closing Ceremony
5.45pm 3rd IHCS Auckland event finished




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